Our retreats are for all healing and helping professionals such as therapists, body workers, nurses, social workers, teachers, coaches, energy workers, lightworkers, and caregivers who want to be in a sacred space to connect spiritually with their own hearts and engage in deep healing work.

The supportive, loving, healing touch Christine and Kim provided at key moments in my journey allowed me to surrender and open to healing even more deeply. I felt waves of love and light fill me, from crown to toes, and knew I was letting go of old hurts in a profound way. Thank you for sharing your profound gifts.

About Our Retreats

This is a place for the healers and helpers of the world to come together to participate in ceremony, breathwork, embodiment, and healing. This is an opportunity for the helpers to remember how important their own well-being is when serving others.


Our prayer for you is that you will find peace, rest, connection, and love and know how truly supported you are. Self-love is the sacred medicine we all need as healing professionals because we can easily forget or set aside our own needs on our helping path. When we are filled with love, and our joy spills over, we can reach farther and share our light with the world.

Summer Retreat

Our summer retreat is reserved for the end of July at the Christine Center in Willard, Wisconsin. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed when registration is open!

Winter Retreat

Our winter retreat is reserved for mid- February at The Christine Center in Willard, Wisconsin. Save the Date for February 17th- 19th. Registration opens in November!