Group Offerings

These healing circles are for those interested in deepening into their healing journey and connecting with their Soul wisdom.

The intimate knowledge of spiritual power and sacred presence that Christine and Kim embody provides a welcoming atmosphere which infuses my soul with positive, healing energy.

Returning to Your Light offers a place to honor your mind, body, and spirit. It is a space where you can be authentic, connect with others on a deeper level and return to your spiritual center.


Join us for an evening of conscious, connected breathwork, embodiment, and reiki energy healing as we connect with our heart's intentions. Conscious, connected breathwork can help move stagnant, suppressed, or overwhelming energy and emotions through the body by over-oxygenating the nervous system. Clear energy and emotions that no longer serve you to create more capacity to live from your heart.

recent events
recent events

Healing Circle

This monthly offering is an opportunity for therapists, healers, helpers, and sensitive souls to join together in healing circles rooted in spirituality, embodiment, community, and soul nourishment. "Returning to Your Light" is a reminder for us healers and sensitive souls to come back to our hearts and to remember that our well-being is necessary when serving others.

Recent Events

Thank you so much. It was exactly what I needed. Can’t wait to return again.