About Us

Our mission is to hold space for spiritually minded healers and sensitive souls to nourish themselves so they can support the healing of our community and the earth from a place of love and sustainability.

We love helping those who help others because we know how much beauty and struggle can be on the healer’s journey.

Returning to Your Light offers a place to honor your mind, body, and spirit. It is a space where you can be authentic, connect with others on a deeper level and return to your spiritual center.

The Story

We know most helpers and healers of the world have big hearts and feel a sacred calling to help this planet! Over time, it can be easy for healing professionals to forget or set aside their own needs on the healer’s journey. We hope to help healers, helpers, and sensitive souls share their gifts with humanity and the Earth sustainably from a place of wholeness through presence, love, and connection with their sacred selves, others, and the Earth.

Our healing circles are a place to come ground into Source energy and listen to your Soul wisdom. Our space holds opportunities for reflection, and it is a space for transformation, rejuvenation, and giving and receiving support.

It is also a space for practicing living a beautifully embodied life so you can celebrate your sacred aliveness. By connecting with our sacred self and others in a nourishing and safe container, we can help bring a new vision and dream that supports healing the collective heart on Earth.

Christine Lord

LICSW, SEP, Ceremony creatrix, heart of our ceremony guide, reiki master provider

Christine is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist trained in Somatic Experiencing. She is also an Empath Coach and a Reiki Master Practitioner. Christine holds sacred space for high-sensitive, empathic, and mystical souls who want to deepen their relationship with their Sacred Self and embody their Sacred Wholeness.  Christine is an advocate of reimagining a loving relationship with our bodies, each other, Mother Earth, and our spiritual nature. Christine believes the path back to our humanity is through embodied soul wisdom.

Kim Lovejoy

LICSW, SEP, retreat coordinator, breathwork facilitator, somatic experiencing session provider

Kim is passionate about holding space for people as they discover a more loving and trusting relationship with their bodies, heart, and soul. She has a background in clinical social work and psychotherapy and is trained in Somatic Experiencing and breathwork, holding a deep respect for the innate healing wisdom within our nervous systems. Kim believes that we are meant to heal in community and has a special love for bringing people together in sacred healing circles.

Learn More About Our Retreats

Our retreats are for all healing and helping professionals.

Therapists, body workers, nurses, social workers, teachers, coaches, energy workers, lightworkers, and caregivers who want to be in a sacred space to connect spiritually with their own hearts and engage in deep healing work.